The Project

The project DAPHNE aims at tackling the problem of drought in the Thessaly by means of Weather Modification. The Thessaly plain is known to be the most vital agricultural area in Greece, and thus the weather and climate play a very important role in its socio-economic status.


The main objective is to develop the necessary scientific tools to support the application of a well designed rainfall enhancement program, investigate its importance for the present and future decades in the thread of climate change and importantly, assess thoroughly the impact of its implementation on the environment. The objectives to be accomplished within the framework of the DAPHNE project include:


  1. Gathering of experimental data, concerning atmospheric circulations and cloud parameters from in-cloud-flight measurements, especially dedicated to the weather modification project.
  2. Developing state-of-the-art of modeling tools that will assist the better knowledge and improve the analysis and evaluation of the weather modification impacts on weather first and climate then.
  3. Investigating the impact of climate change on drought, with emphasis on the area of Thessaly, by applying the modeling tools developed and suggesting mitigation strategies to the policy makers.
  4. Performing an integrated environmental impact assessment study to investigate the impact of weather modification program on water and soil.
  5. Organizing dissemination activities to inform authorities and the public about the potentiality and applicability of a well designed scientific weather modification program over Thessaly.