1. Enterprises
  • New expertise to innovative technological fields
  • Employment opportunities and increase of enterprise competitiveness
  • Increased product exports
  • Strengthen the cooperation  between the enterprises and scientific community
  1. Research teams

     The research teams participating in the project will benefit from the proposed project through the:

  • Reinforcement of research and its linkage to national productivity
  • Application of scientific results of the weather modification program to improve national economy
  • Establishment of dissemination mechanisms to disperse knowledge towards enterprises and national and local authorities other than Thessaly, facing similar problems
  • In depth research of the potential of weather modification program
  • Promotion of collaboration with enterprises and other research institutions for multidisciplinary applications
  • Creation of scientific databases to be used for future studies
  • Increase visibility of partners in a national and international level through the dissemination of project activities
  • Improvement of the scientific expertise and the equipment and the personnel of research institutes