• Stratis Ioannis
  • Anthemidis Aristidis
  • Zachariadis George
  • Zachariadis Anastasios
  • Katsika Virginia

Organization Presentation 

The Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry is part of the Section of Physical Analytical and Environmental Chemistry, of the Depertment of Chemistry in the School of Sciences of AUTh.. The staff members teach Analytical Chemistry to the students of Chemistry, Pharmacy, Geology, Agricultural Sciences, etc.. Except of the undergraduate courses, the lab offers courses in two Master degree curricula. More than 30 books student notes have been authored by the members of the Laboratory. Research outcome results to more than 550 publications in international peer-reviewed journals and a larger number of presentations in international and national scientific congresses. A great number of Ph. D and MSc. theses were completed in the laboratory in various areas of modern Analytical Chemistry.


Research Activity areas

The research activities of the staff members of the Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry are focused on Atomic Spectrometry techniques and Flow Injection Analysis, various separation techniques as well as electroanalytical ones. In this contect, the laboratory is performing instrumental Analytical Techniques such as Trace Analysis of real-life samples like for instance environmental, biological, food, archaeological, industrial, etc). The members of the analytical laboratory team in this project have developed and published more than 250 scientific papers with novel research, reviews, in international journals. Among other activities, they are focused in the development, optimization, validation and application of methodologies for trace metals determination in various matrices, including soils, natural waters, etc.


Available Resources

The Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry is equipped with the well working instruments capable to perform reliable research and routine analysis. In particular, they are installed and used in research activities instruments like:

  • Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (Flame AAS, AAS-Electrothermal AAS, CV AAS, Hydride generation AAS, etc.).
  • Atomic Emission Spectrometer with an inductively coupled plasma (ICP-AES).
  • Automated analytical systems and Flow injection apparatus.
  • Ultraviolet-Visible spectrophotometers.
  • Liquid and Ion chromatographic apparatus.
  • Electrochemical instrumentation.
  • Peripheral and supporting laboratory instruments (such as contact meters, pH meters, etc.).


Experience relevant to the project

The three members of the Laboratory of Chemistry, who participate in the Daphne Project, also have extensive experience on the study of chemical analysis and quality of water and soils for specific contaminants. In particular, Prof. I. Stratis have extensive experience in performing instrumental Analytical Techniques such as Trace Analysis of real samples of water and soil for environmental purposes, which are part of the proposed project. In particular Prof. Aristidis Anthemidis and Prof. George Zachariadis. have participated in almost 12 research projects oriented to environmental analysis regarding the areas of Thermaikos Gulf, Koronia Lake, North Greece rivers and lakes, Near shore seawaters, Municipal drinking water monitoring, Thessaloniki and Industrial area wastewater analysis, Silver determination in soils after cloud seeding in Macedonia valleys, etc. Moreover, Prof. I. Stratis have participated / co-ordinated the following indicative research programs: Monitoring of waste quality for the city of Thessaloniki and Thermaikos gulf in eastern part of the town. Funding: OATH (1993). Monitoring the quality of drinking water supply the City of St. George Funding: DEFAKAG (2007). The quality of drinking water in urban area of Volos Funding Agency: Municipal company of water supply and sewerage systems of Volos (2007). Microbiological and chemical analysis of drinking water Pikrolimnis City, Funding: City Pikrolimnis (2008). Sampling, testing environmental characterization, chemical analysis and physico-chemical measurements in mining materials Cassandra Mines Funding: GREEK GOLD SA, (2009).  Hydrochemical-hydrogeological investigation drilling of the metropolitan area of Volos. Funding: Municipal company of water supply and sewerage systems of Volos (2009), etc.