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  • Hapsias Dimitrios
  • Tolis Anastasios
  • Matakou Vaia
  • Kelesis Ioannis


3D S.A. is one of the most innovative and experienced companies in the world in matters of weather modification and prevention-protection from extreme natural phenomena. Established on 1976 the company offers weather modification programs (notably hail protection and rain enhancement), fertilizer air spraying, fire fighting, etc. The company is also active in a number of other actions involving airport security, aircraft maintenance and service and so on. For more than a decade our company leads the National Hail Protection Program, organized by the Greek Organization for Agricultural Insurance, with 3 special equipped Piper Cheyenne aircrafts.

The company is based in private offices (330sm2) and in rented offices in the airport of Thessaloniki. A space of around 2.000 sqm has been recently allocated to the company in order to construct a maintenance and service silo in Thessaloniki International Airport. In these new installations the company plans to create a top of the line Command and Control Centre in order to monitor and administer all its operations regarding weather.

Our company has a strong team of experts and consultants and is ready to participate or even lead a consortium in the areas of weather monitoring, natural disaster early warning or security.


Recent Activities

The company is responsible (contract assigned after international tender) for the full implementation and operation of the National Hail Protection Program of the Greek Organization for Agricultural Insurance  (ELGA), with 3 special equipped Piper Cheyenne aircrafts. These aircrafts operate in hail storms and through cloud seeding manage to turn hail in rain.

In addition the above 3DSA offers services like:

Early warning for natural disasters: monitoring of clouds, rain capacity, qualitative and quantative weather data in real time – nowcasting – and combination with GIS. 

Rainfall & Snow management: Through special seeding techniques the capacity of rain can be decreased or enhanced or the appearance of the phenomena can be directed to a different point (in order to be avoided the river flooding and the flooding events). Snow enhancement to areas with ski tourism resulting to the extension of the tourist period.

Air quality and environmental monitoring:  the aircrafts of 3D can be equipped with special tools for the monitoring of the air pollution and can provide accurate data supporting the mathematical prediction models. The pilots and the airplanes of 3D SA have participated in the very successful THERMOPOLIS project.

3D SA has also participated to 2 very successful projects under FP7 in the area of Airport Security (ICT TURBINE and SECURITY iDETECT4ALL[1]). Throughout these projects the company gained invaluable experience not only on technical matters but also to aspects regarding working in research consortium and providing results.



The company owns a fleet of aircrafts such as:

King Air B90, The King Air was the first aircraft in its class and has been in continuous production since 1964, it has a twin turbo propeller business aircraft, capable of seating up to eight passengers. The King Air 90 can reach speeds  of up to 250 miles per hour.

Piper PA 31-42 Cheyenne is a turboprop aircraft that flies day and night flights and in almost any weather because is certified for VFR and IFR.

The company also owns and operates two EEC WR-100 C-band weather radars equipped with a RDAS and TITAN recording system based in Filiro, Thessaloniki and Liopraso, Trikala. These Radars operate 24-7 during the period of the hail protection program (April – September) and are used for the safe guidance of the aircrafts and the forecasting, nowcasting and early warning of the weather events. The radars operate 24 hours the day, 7 days the week and during the whole time period of the program conduct. (April – September). There are also several automated weather stations in operation.